From my yet to launch, ‘My Mind and I’, a picture-essay series

Picture: Sitting quietly, Sridhar Pai Tonse, author

I am rarely alone. A stray thought appears.

Very quickly it multiplies into a series of thoughts. Before I know it, I am engulfed in an ocean of thoughts. This is normal and happens always.

Sometimes an external object O appears in view (1). The object triggers a thought T (2), which triggers a sensation S (3). What happens next?

There goes my second book on Amazon.

An old woman standing expectantly, looking out, from behind closed window in pandemic driven lockdown scenario
An old woman standing expectantly, looking out, from behind closed window in pandemic driven lockdown scenario
Image: Author: An Untold Lockdown Story

I really did not believe I was going to be putting out two books in such quick succession. After my first one was published in November 2020, I was not thinking of my second one. And in mid-December 2020, I got a message from Amazon about their writing contest. And I was all in.

As the coronavirus ensnared the planet in its deathly hold, millions of humans entered a sudden phase of uncertainty never seen before. For humanity, the virus showed a reflective mirror: A time to pause and reassess. …

And there launches my first published book on Amazon

Image: courtesy of the author

Here is my first book. And this is what triggered it.

On a summer afternoon in 2015, I was driving alone by car along the west coast from Mangalore to Goa. As I reveled at the scenery, I suddenly felt something odd. The next minute, the landscape changed as in a mild earthquake. A massive wave of emotion took over forcing me to stop. The street was silent. The tree in front of me was ablaze with something I had never seen before. It beckoned. Every leaf, branch, and trunk lit up with an unimaginable radiance. I was stunned. …

How to Market a Country with a 5000+ year legacy?

Photo by Hamed Taha on Unsplash

When American political scientist Joseph S. Nye, coined the term ‘Soft Power’ in 1980, he defined it as a ‘subtle persuasive approach to international political relations involving the use of a nation’s cultural, historical and diplomatic influence’. The reference was to the United States’ ability to alter the behavior of others by attraction and co-opting rather than by the use of coercion and force.

And rightfully so. …

Faith is seeing the light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness

Photo by Maninderjeet Singh Sidhu on Unsplash

Location: High in the Himalayas

Elevation: About 8780 feet

Temperature: About 5 deg Fareneheit (-15 deg C)

Fourteen members of the Indian army unit headed by a Major were walking uphill to the camp where they would reach over the next 24 hours to relieve the current team on duty. Exhausted from the non-stop four-hour uphill walk, sweating, the team was ready for a break. Except that the Major was not ready.

He marched on ahead. One of the soldiers slipped but quickly regained his…

From my yet to launch, ‘My Mind and I’, a picture-essay series

Two people sitting under the influence of thoughts, and feedback
Two people sitting under the influence of thoughts, and feedback
Feedback Loop of Thought Sridhar Pai Tonse author

The Feedback signal (7) pushes information back into the archive. The Feedback process is efficient and involuntary. The recording is perfect and memory is infinite.

This is in continuation of an earlier chapter of the picture-essay series, ‘My Mind and I’. You may read that piece here:

This archive is an incredible process with infinite memory. In fact, the human body has a far superior memory than understood (and certainly far higher than the brain) but that is a separate discussion altogether.

This rich archive is available…

There are several, but these five are critical

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

What makes entrepreneurs successful? What are the top traits self-starters must possess to expect to make it big on this path? What are the simple things to inculcate in yourself while taking on the big job of building world-class products?

Success is never overnight and is doable based on some simple things that are done meticulously over time. Here are the top 5 things entrepreneurs ought to do to stay on top and get to their destinations.

Set your goal to be the best in the world — the best product, the best service. Next, be sure to build a…

Amazing post @vishnu*s Virtues. loved it. Tim's journey is inspiring of course. Also many others out there who went from nothing to something. The overnight success that took 7 or may be 10 years that no one wants to recognize.

The other thing - each one has his own style and to recognize the style, one should let it grow and show. To let it grow needs you to give it those 5 or 7 years. No mango tree ever fruits in the first six months. …

Rasa - is one of those Sanskrit words that has no authentic or appropriate equivalent in English. Rasa - is both the nutrient, taste, the active ingredient, the nectar of the deepest component of the fruit or of something which it governs - it is unique to that in which it resides - it is the essence of something and defines it. Yet each thing has its own 'rasa' ...I read this interview segment several times.

Exquisite interview! Dr Mehmetz and kudos to the author for a deep dive into our own 'rasa' and taking the pains to describe to the reader.

These journeys are seldom experienced in even partial awareness - and even more rarely expressed. And this beautifully - only very rarely indeed.

May you always stay inspired and light a thousand lamps from your own illuminance. My salutations !!

It is always better to be cautious than regret later

<a href=”">Background vector created by —</a>

There is a pandemonium brewing on the purported sharing of data between WhatsApp and Facebook in recent past days. The statement made by WhatsApp about a specific date after which they would share all data with Facebook was an incomplete message revealed without fully thinking through the consequences.

What followed was sheer chaos. Especially in markets like India, where WhatsApp has over 400 mil users. People started downloading alternate messaging apps and stopped or considered stopping the usage of Facebook. …

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